If you've been following movie gossip lately, you might have heard the morsel to come from Cinema Blend recently, that the Forrest Gump sequel is once again in the works. We've also heard counter-rumors, that no such thing is going to happen, and especially not in the near future. Whether the Gump rumors are true or not, the Bosom Buddy has done what he can to distance himself from the strange character, and it seems he'll be busy with a different kind of running in his near future. Tom Hanks is currently bidding on the story of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius for his Playtone company to produce.

You don't know who Pistorius is? He happens to be the first runner who might make the Olympic Games even though both legs were amputated below the knee as a baby. (So, sort of a cross between Gump and his amputee friend, Lt. Dan.) Right now, Olympic officials are trying to figure out whether the carbon extensions Pistorius runs on should be regarded as performance enhancers or running shoes. However, even if he wins this ruling, the runner will have to also beat his best times, but he's closer than anyone has been before. If you want more than running to impress you, the young man used to play water polo and rugby. Yes, rugby. To me, that seems more impressive. And, good on ya, Mr. Hanks. Do anything to help keep Gump 2 from becoming a reality.
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