Even though Peter Jackson might have been among the first directors with designs on "conquering the console", Steven Spielberg has become the next big-name director to catch the gaming bug. Play.tm has an interview with EA's Neil Young about the studio working closely with the famed director on 3 different games. Details are sketchy on the titles, but Young did say that one game will be about an "end of the world" type of event. Young also said that another game is being designed for the Nintendo Wii. The real shocker was that according to Young, "Steven's in the studio about once a week, anywhere from 1 to 4 hours; he swings by and he's in the office by about 8:30 and usually leaves like 11:00 or midday, it's everything you'd hoped the relationship would be but were nervous to ask upfront. It's really wonderful spending time with him...".

Spielberg obviously doesn't have a problem with multi-tasking; the latest Indiana Jones film has announced a "solid" start date, and he will also be bringing Tintin to Dreamworks. You have to wonder if those projects could suffer in light of his new passion for gaming. It really looks like Spielberg is a kid at heart, because like every other kid, he's busy playing video games when he has work to do.