Before he takes on a sequel to Superman Returns (currently titled Superman: The Man of Steel), Bryan Singer has decided to go back to his roots and helm a multi-character film that's similar to his 1995 hit The Usual Suspects. Teaming up once again with Suspects writer Chris McQuarrie, pic will be set during WWII and begins production this summer. Though he has an overall deal at Warner Bros. (where he's developing the Supes sequel, as well as a few other films), Singer and McQuarrie decided to put their faith in Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's United Artists who will make this their second film since leaving Paramount. Currently, they're in production on the smells-like-Oscar project Lions for Lambs, which stars Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford (who is also directing).

But what does this mean for the Superman sequel? According to Variety, this new film "will delay Warner Bros.' hope of mounting a sequel to Superman Returns in the near future." Last we heard, the sequel was being planned for a 2009 release, most likely during the summer. Will Singer have enough time to produce both films, or will The Man of Steel find himself shoved off till 2010? Regardless, I'm happy to see Singer leave the comic book universe for a little while; The Usual Suspects is a fantastic film, and if he and McQuarrie can tap back into some of that, I welcome it with open arms. What do you folks think: Is Singer making a good choice here? Or should he be concentrating solely on a Superman Returns sequel?

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