From the minute I saw my SXSW goodie bag at registration, I knew what was on everyone's minds at the film festival this year. The front of the bag featured a big splashy double-feature poster for Grindhouse. (I wondered why they didn't use the "Burnet Road Drive-In" image that I love, but realized out-of-town registrants might then believe there's still a Burnet Road drive-in theater and get lost driving around looking for it.) I know a lot of people had hoped that a super-secret Grindhouse screening would occur during the festival, like last year's A Scanner Darkly screening, but it sounds like the film isn't quite complete so we'll all just have to wait a little longer.

SXSW has hosted some other events related to the grindhouse genre this year, though. On Saturday night, Republic Square Park was transformed into an outdoor theater for a grindhouse double-feature: the 1973 Italian film Torso and the Lucio Fulci 1979 film Zombie. The event was free for SXSW badgeholders but also open to non-festival attendees who bought tickets at the door (and by "door" I mean "tent"), so a large, varied crowd of hundreds of locals and festival attendees turned up with blankets and lawn chairs (photo after the jump).