I'm not ashamed to admit I have a weakness for stoner humor. One reason is that until recently, it seemed to have died out from TV and film, on the grounds that you can't tell kids "Just Say No" and then show characters having a good time saying yes. I liked Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and in the same vein of goofy pothead movies, I liked Smiley Face, the latest film from Gregg Araki (Mysterious Skin.) This is Araki's first time directing someone else's script, written by actor Dylan Haggerty.

Smiley Face is about Jane (Anna Faris), a sweet-faced blonde woman who isn't sure exactly how she ended up on a Ferris wheel, but is sure she's feeling pretty baked. The movie then flashes back to Jane's day -- after a quick bong hit, she gets the munchies and scarfs down her roommate's cupcakes. She then realizes that she's eaten an entire batch of pot-laced cupcakes. Wow. Although she's in no shape to do much of anything, Jane realizes that by the end of the day, she has to go to an audition, bake more cupcakes, pay the electric bill so the apartment power won't be cut off, obtain money to pay Steve the Dealer (Adam Brody) so he won't take her brand new luxurious bed away and meet Steve in Venice (we're in So. Cal here) at 3 pm to pay him off.