While it might have seemed like Georgia Rule was going to fall under the whims of La Lohan, it's actually all wrapped up in a pretty trailer bow that has just been released exclusively to Moviefone. If you kept even half an eye on movies news and gossip last summer, you should remember all the troubles that Lindsay Lohan had with the Garry Marshall film. First, cavorting around as a big-city nymphette in the film made the poor redhead collapse with heatstroke. Or rather, partying like a wild child did, sending producer James Robinson into outrage, inspiring him to write a letter that said: "We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called 'exhaustion'. We refuse to accept bogus excuses for your behavior."

Nevertheless, the movie wrapped and we get to see Jane Fonda on the screen once again. The premise sounds typical for a movie, but man, I wish it was true. Rule follows Rachel (Lohan), an uncontrollable teen who is brought to her grandmother's house by her dysfunctional mother Lilly, played by Felicity Huffman. There, she has to live under Grandma Georgia's rules, and exist in a small, Mormon Idaho town. If only movies were real, and Lindsay actually had to do this! The trailer has all the key bits of comedic melodrama -- the love interests, finding the error of your ways, so on and so forth. If you watch carefully, you'll even see that the thicker-in-the-face blonde man who gets beaten with the bat is none other than Cary Elwes, so if Lohan getting paid to be herself is not enough for you, at least there is some Wesley in the mix!