For those of you {cough} dying {cough} to catch even the tiniest glimpse of Hostel: Part II, a brand, spanking new international clip has just arrived online. Oh yes, I said international -- which means you might want to remove the kids from the room and toss on the headphones, as the characters featured drop more than one F-bomb throughout. The clip itself is the same one that played a few weeks ago at New York ComicCon, and it actually features three separate scenes which, I imagine, are the tamest of the entire film. Based on what director Eli Roth told us, I have a feeling they're having a hard time putting together a trailer when 98 percent of the film is, well, not very friendly.

Hostel: Part II picks up right where the last one left off, literally. Roth cut the film so that you could remove the credits from Part I and it would seamlessly flow into Part II. However, instead of a group of guys signing up for some wicked torture sessions, this time Roth kicked it up a notch and used females. This, he says, will make the film that much harder to stomach. In the clip, we get to watch three of the girls hanging around in some sort of steam pool, getting massages and enjoying their time abroad. Little do they know that some very bad stuff is about to happen -- case in point: in the following scene, we see Heather Matarazzo (how far she's come since Welcome to the Dollhouse, huh?) hanging upside down, naked, and with some sort of sock stuffed in her mouth. At the same time, a large bulky man turns a wheel attached to a track which pulls Matarazzo closer to the action. Also starring in the film are Bijou Phillips, Lauren German and, um, Roger Bart. (Sadly, you Desperate Housewives fans might want to stay away from Hostel: Part II, or else you'll never look at Bart the same way again.) Hostel: Part II hits theaters on June 8.

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