Now that his film 300 is in the record books with the third highest grossing weekend for an R-rated film in history and he's well on his way to becoming the "king of the graphic novel adaptations", what is director Zack Snyder going to do for an encore? Well, there's been some speculation he may do this project or that project and of course, there's also the much-discussed possibility he might segue into another graphic novel adaptation as his next project -- a version of Alan Moore's award-winning Watchmen.

Well, according to an interview posted today at Comic Book Resources (disclaimer: I'm a staff writer at CBR), the big screen adaptation of Watchmen will be the director's next project. "'I'm doing Watchmen next for sure. That's what we're focusing all our attention on," said Snyder in the interview. In fact, even though 300 just hit theaters, the director is already started working on Watchmen and has also had others on his team get started as well -- including 300 visual effects director Grant Freckelton and comic book artist (and one of my personal favorites) John Cassaday -- who's helping update the look of the Watchmen characters and their world.

Among other things Snyder discusses in the interview include those Tom Cruise (who, surprisingly is a huge Watchmen fan) as Ozymandias rumors, how much money he thinks Watchmen should cost and what Warner Bros. thinks about it, the alleged racist undertones in 300 and why he won't ever stop directing commercials no matter how many movies he makes. But most importantly, he's just plain excited to do Watchmen. Said Snyder: "Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I feel like Watchmen the coolest thing ever and I have to do it."
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