Though he'll most likely be playing James Bond for the next several years, Daniel Craig has not stopped that franchise from letting him secure a slew of other roles to take on in between his adventures as 007. The actor currently has two pretty big films (The Invasion, The Golden Compass) coming out later this year, and is now in talks to star in Blindness -- adapted from Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago's novel -- and to be directed by Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardner). Also in talks to co-star alongside Craig is the very beautiful (and very talented) Julianne Moore.

Adapted by Don Mckellar, Saramago's book revolves around a blindness epidemic that sweeps through a contemporary city, paralyzing its citizens to a point where society is on the verge of breaking down. Craig and Moore will likely play book's two lead characters, a doctor and his wife. This whole "society on the verge of madness" storyline is familiar to Moore; the actress recently starred in Children of Men, which shares similar themes with Blindness, but on a much larger scale. Currently, there's no word on where the film will be set; the book takes place in an unnamed city in an unnamed country. Focus Features is handling all foreign sales, but there's no U.S. distribution deal in place as of now. Apart from Blindness, Craig is also set to reprise his role as 007 in the untitled Bond 22.

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