Like most people, I first fell in love with Danny Boyle's work after watching what he did with Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. Needless to say, I'll never look at going to the bathroom the same way again. It's been ten years since the movie Trainspotting hit the scene and transformed Danny Boyle into the kind of director you keep an eye on -- the kind fully capable of sneaking up on you with a masterpiece, as he did with 28 Days Later and Millions. (As I've said before, The Beach would've been a whole lot better had they not cast Leo DiCaprio straight off the Titanic, and let Boyle follow Garland's book a bit more closely.)

What some folks do not know is that Welsh wrote a sequel to Trainspotting, called Porno. And, when IGN recently sat down with Boyle, they asked him whether he was interested in re-visiting Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie for another round of insanity. The good news is that Boyle and his gang have been given the rights to the sequel, and John Hodge (who penned the Trainspotting adaptation) has already turned in a very early script. Unfortunately, Boyle's angle depends on the actors aging a bit more. He says, "They need to have a bit of age. Our take on it is, their headiness -- these guys who lived at the absolute brink, felt they were invincible and felt they could abuse themselves to the absolute limit - suddenly hit middle age. They're in their forties and they look it -- but they don't really look it, those actors."

Boyle goes on to say that they will re-visit the project once the original actors "get a bit older." Since Ewan McGregor is only 37, I hope they don't wait until the guy hits, say, 45 or so -- I'm not sure I could hold out for another eight years when all they really have to do is throw some make-up on these guys. Heck, if Boyle can make it look like a bunch of astronauts are heading toward the sun, I'm sure he can convincingly age a group of actors by five years, right?

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