This whole battle of the sexes thing is getting old, not to mention a little tacky. Nevertheless, we have a new indie movie on the way that's titled: The Weaker Sex. Isn't this ancient news? If we've learned anything from Survivor, it's about what sort of division is most shocking and controversial for the times. Tropical battles divided by sex are so 2002. I mean, even racial divides have been done. Give it a year or two, and we'll have a re-visioning of Lord of the Flies. But, I digress.

The man who wrote and directed last year's Alone with Her, Eric Nicholas, is getting ready to direct his sophomore, $12 million effortWeaker, which he also penned. The film is a thriller that follows a group of college kids who get stranded on a tropical island and then fight each other for survival. Considering the title, I assume that its some sort of girls-vs-boys warring, unless they're being particularly punning, and this is some sort of sexual thriller. But, I think not. Maybe he can pull it off if he makes it super campy, in a Faster Pussycat sort of way, but we'll have to wait and see. The movie will start shooting soon in Fiji, so we'll probably have word on the cast soon. Are there any actors or actress you want to see sweaty, scantily-clad and ripping apart the other sex?
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