Here are some trailers to peek at before the weekend:
  • Last month, I could only share a brief teaser of the upcoming Zombie flick, Fido. Now, there's finally a very substantial trailer, if you want to see more before you head to theaters to watch it. (It finally opens tomorrow!) We've got head coffins, zombie crossing guards and just a little bit of zombie luvin'. Honestly, the film is fun, and just as zany as the trailers suggest. Check it out.
  • On the more foreign side of things, there is a strange "teaser" up for Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson's latest film, You, The Living. It's more like a behind-the-scenes clip, and it doesn't show much, but it will test your curiosity factor. Me, I'm wondering what the hell it's all about. The film's website has a number of stills as well, with pasty-looking people, so I can't help but wonder if this is some sort of zombie film too. Or, maybe it is a Swedish film version of Six Feet Under. The film will premiere at Cannes this May, so I'm sure things will become clear soon enough.
  • Lastly, we've got some television. Last summer, Martha Fischer shared that Jake Kasdan's The TV Set was picked up by THINKFilm. The movie goes through the Mike's (David Duchovny) struggle to maintain the integrity of his TV pilot while it goes through the process of being made -- casting, production and airing. The movie will finally be released next month, and Moviefone has a trailer up for you to follow the struggles of maintaining sanity when execs say things like: "Frankly, 'original' scares me a little," and "Suicide is depressing to like 82% of everybody." In other words, one of those things you could laugh at, but would never want to experience.