Tooling around online, Cinematical came across an interesting bit of casting news -- the kind that leads you to do a double take. Superman himself, Brandon Routh, has signed on for a role in Buddy Giovinazzo's Life is Hot in Cracktown; a film that has already lined up ten thesps to play an assortment of characters whose lives intertwine in a crack-infested community. Heck, Lara Flynn Boyle is playing a crack whore! Does it get any better than that? Of course, this raises the all-too-important question of the day: Will Superman put down the car and, instead, pick up a crack pipe?

The news of his casting has conveniently slipped past IMDb, and I haven't noticed it in any of the trades. However, it's listed as one of Routh's upcoming films on his website, and I was able to track down the following quote from Routh on a message board: "I'm currently filming a small role in Life is Hot in Cracktown, based on Buddy Giovinazzo's novel by the same name. This role allowed me the opportunity to stretch and play against type, while not carrying an entire film on my shoulders as such an extreme character." Since everyone in the film is either playing a prostitute, a drug dealer or your friendly alcoholic wife-beating neighbor, I think it's pretty safe to say Routh will not be flying in to save the day -- as in, he won't be playing Crackman or anything like that. I just wonder why we haven't heard anything about this? Could it be that folks are afraid this character could somehow taint Routh's image as the Man of Steel?

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