I wish that I could say that the following is just a rumor. Or that this is a bad dream. However, if it's the latter, I've got to start dreaming about more exciting things than blogging. Over the last few months, I've brought you a number of possible movie biopics, one of which was Kirsten Dunst hinting that she would be taking on the role of a "well-known" singer for Michel Gondry's next film. Now we've got it straight from the horse's mouth, and I can't find my duct tape to make it not so. Dunst will portray Blondie front-woman Debbie Harry in an upcoming movie. Whether Gondry is still involved, I don't know.

The cries of people questioning Kirsten as the famous punk goddess of the 80's must've gotten back to Ms. Dunst. Variety has a quote from the actress, who is very firm about her role and possible naysayers: "She chose me, so anyone who disputes that choice can take it up with her." Sorry, but that's not enough to calm my fears. People make mistakes, and have questionable judgment at times. Remember when Anne Rice approved the quite-terrible Queen of the Damned? Hell, the movie wasn't only bad, but it massacred the novel's story. The only thing that could change my mind about this choice is an amazing, shocking performance from Dunst. However, is it in her? When she was having her own days with Rice's material, I might have gotten behind the choice as a future prospect, now, it seems like a gloominous rocker doom.
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