Either someone at After Dark Pictures can't make up their mind, or the marketing machine is in full throttle for the Elisha Cuthbert (24) film Captivity. Bloody-Disgusting has a look at the third poster for the horror flick, along with a detailed set visit and some behind the scenes photos of blood stained baby dolls and mattresses -- don't ask. Roland Joffe directs the horror about two people that are abducted and tortured by the usual "madman with ulterior motives". Bloody-Disgusting also reported that Courtney Solomon (American Haunting) had joined the production and that a new ending and four more "torture scenes" had been added, including what they describe as "a brain bashing scene". The film is shooting the added material in California with sets based on the original Russian locations.

Even though the last poster wasn't exactly being targeted at my demographic -- consisting of Cuthbert in a tank-top pressed against glass, I think it was a much creepier image than what they have come up with for the new one-sheet -- which unfortunately kind of looks like an ad for no-run mascara. So I would not count on this being the final poster for the film, if they have not even finished shooting, who knows how many more ideas they might come up with.
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