Thursday bites:
  • According to The New York Post, Scarlett Johansson has more than just Woody Allen on her professional palette. There have been previous rumors about her signing on for The Sound of Music, but it nows seems that she's got her heart set on something more south, specifically, a revival of South Pacific. That's right. S-J is reportedly in talks to take on the lead role -- Nellie Forbush. A source told the Post that they want someone sexy because "This is not going to be a stodgy production..." I don't know. We've already discussed on Cinematical whether Scarlett has the acting chops. I just cannot picture her in a Broadway musical. She's just not the peppy Broadway type.
  • In November, I posted news that an Ernie Davis biopic, The Express, was in the works. Erik followed up with word that Dennis Quaid would play Davis' mentor, Ben Schwartzwalder. However, there was still no word on the legend himself. Finally, we've got a star, and it's none other than Rob Brown. The guy is no stranger to feel-good mentor sorts of stories -- he's the kid from Finding Forrester. I'm sure he'll do fine in the role, but hopefully it won't get too sappy. Then again, most sappy treatments don't end in tragedy as Davis' story does, so perhaps it will escape that curse.
  • Finally, we've got New Line nabbing a dramatic thriller pitch. The Black Path, to be written by new screenwriter Henry Jones, is about a brilliant, job-less novelist. While doing a travel piece in Ecuador, he finds a legendary Incan treasure -- based on a real story of the Incan treasure of Atahualpa. Unfortunately, the people in his search party start killing each other to take the gold. That pesky greed... It's a killer.
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