It's pretty clear that Jonathan Mostow has a thing for futuristic robots ... and that Hollywood now has a thing for adapting graphic novels into heavily-addictive pieces of visual crack. The director has decided to partner up once again with the writing duo (Michael Ferris and John Brancato) from Terminator 3 on The Surrogates, an adaptation of the graphic novel written by Robert Venditti. Anxious to feast on the same box office numbers Warner Bros. is enjoying with 300, Disney has acquired the rights to the graphic novel with intentions of turning it into a sci-fi thriller set in a "Philip K. Dick-like futuristic universe." Since the content is a bit too edgy for the Mouse House, they'll most likely set it up at Touchstone and just let Mostow go nuts with it.

Though I'm not too familiar with the storyline, apparently The Surrogates takes place in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and communicate with one another through surrogate robots. Producer David Hoberman likens it to Second Life -- that computer-generated internet world where people create their own fictitious identities and interact in the same way they would in the real world minus the, well, realness. Somewhere in between, Mostow will also helm Terminator 4: The One Without Arnold, as well as Real Steel (about a bunch of 2,000-pound robots who fight one another) and an adaptation of the Marvel comic book Sub-Mariner. No word yet on whether Mostow is indeed a robot himself, but here's hoping at least one of these robot flicks is better than Will Smith's I, Robot or else I ... won't be very happy.

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