Last November, the independent film world was rocked by the news that indie film director and actress Adrienne Shelly had been brutally murdered. Shelly had just wrapped her latest film, Waitress, and had submitted it to the Sundance Film Festival, but hadn't found out before her death that her film had been accepted to the fest.

Pretty much every film critic at Sundance wanted to see Waitress, and it's safe to say that pretty much every film critic there hoped that the film would be good. Fortunately, as you can read in James Rocchi's review of the film from Sundance, the film is good; you could practically hear the collective sigh of relief from the audience, because Shelly was so well-liked and respected by the indie film community, no one really wanted to have to write a nasty review about her last film. And at the end of the film, when Shelly's dorky waitress character, Dawn, is seen waving goodbye, well, I know that I wasn't the only one with teary eyes.

Lucky for you, Waitress is coming to a theater near you on May 2, 2007, and just to get you warmed up for it, here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure.