It appears there's a bit of a tug-of-war going on right now over the hunky Jake Gyllenhaal. However, instead of two females fighting for his love, a couple of Hollywood heavyweights are fighting to attach the star to one of two high profile projects. The New York Daily News gossip columnists Rush & Molloy (not exactly reliable sources, we know) tell us New Line is preparing to offer Gyllenhaal a massive payday to take on the role of Captain Marvel in Shazam!, yet another comic book-turned-feature film project to be directed by Peter Segal and written by John August. Studio views Shazam! as having the potential to be a huge franchise -- along the lines of both Batman and Spider-Man -- but only if they can sign up the right talent.

There's one small problem though: New Line is trying to act real fast so that Sam Raimi and the folks behind the Spider-Man franchise don't convince Gyllenhaal to replace Tobey Maguire instead. With his boyish good looks and ability to pack on some muscle and the charm, Gyllenhaal would be a perfect replacement for Maguire -- one that would definitely help the series continue and, perhaps, help attract an even larger fanbase. But would he make a good Captain Marvel? In Shazam!, a teenage boy named Billy Batson finds he has the ability to transform into an adult superhero when he utters the magic word, Shazam! So, if Gyllenhaal does land the role, would he play both the teenager and the adult superhero? Will New Line update the story so that Batson is a tad older, this way an actor can play both roles (like in Batman and Spider-Man)? What do you think -- would Gyllenhaal be better as Captain Marvel or as the new Spider-Man?

[via JoBlo]

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