Posting on the Internet will bring out just about everyone -- the happy, the smart, the dumb, the dumb people who think they're smart, the delusional, the angry, the gramatically-sensitive, the horny, the fanboy and fangirl, the argument addicts and just about everyone else. Opening a post up for comments -- well, that's where the fun begins.

Last week, there was a clear winner in the race for best comment. This week, it's just impossible to tell. Of course, we're getting swarmed by lusty people anxious to tell us who the sexiest celebrity is. However, in the less-lusty posts, we've got a good range of blogging interplay. Director Mike Binder visited James Rocchi's Reign Over Me review, there's a reference to Zoolander, a fight over which Jim Carrey movie is the best and finally, a push for music biopics to sweep next year's Oscars.

Mike Binder Weighs in on Commenter Steven and James's SXSW Review: Reign Over Me


First off, you have your right to your opnion but I guarantee that the audience that you saw it with didn't feel like you did about this film. I have yet to see one crowd not be incredibly moved by it. Second, it wasn't fake therapy, fake this and fake that. You simply are bitter and rude and don't know what you're talking about. This was all one hundred percent meticoulsly researched. Every stitch of it. Sandler and I did due diligence. It's easy to take cheap shots anonyomously like you did but the truth is you're just a hater for some reason and it's your thing to deal with so go f*ck yourself. I don't have a msyoginistic or homphobic bone in my body. I just hate whiny little shits like you.

James, you on the other hand have a right to an opinion, you're a respected critic and you use your name and wear your thoughts like a badge but you got this one wrong, that's all I can say. I've had the stinkers and I cop to them and this deserved a better review than that. It has too much emotion for some or whatever but as I said to asshole 'Steven' the crowd doesn't lie. I've seen it play too many times. The emotion hits home and the comedy works and the story is satisfying. Sometimes to want more than that is to just follow the crowd to the hip side of the room anyway. You're smarter than that.

I wish you the best.
Mike Binder"

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