And so continues Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Oscar-winner-turned-goofy-comedy actor life. Is it really that hard for him to find more worthwhile work? I think we'd all like him to find a few more serious pieces to balance out his light, fun fare, and just when things seemed to be changing back to roles that actually use the most of his talents, like Ridley Scott's upcoming American Gangster, Kooba has to go and sign on for another over-the-top comedy. However, at least this one seems a little more appealing than Norbit. He's just signed on with Ray Liotta to star in Hero Wanted.

No, this isn't a farcical, semi-autobiographical tale of Liotta trying to wipe his drunk, car-crashing reputation and become a hero in the eyes of the populace, as much as I could dream. Instead, the Evan and Chad Law screenplay is about a garbage collector who stages a false bank robbery so that he can stop it, save the day, impress the girl who works there and become a hero. Obviously, the plan doesn't go as he hoped, and he wants to get revenge on those who double-crossed him. Personally, I prefer the 'zany inventor who creates edible sunglasses' sort of bank heist, but maybe that's just me. This will be the directorial debut for Brian Smrz, and it will be filmed in Bulgaria of all places.
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