Looks like Indy is staying with blondes -- the Hollywood Reportertells us this morning that Cate Blanchett has joined the currently untitled Indiana Jones 4. Though no plot description was given, we assume she will play Harrison Ford's love interest in the film, which begins shooting this June in Los Angeles, as well as at several undisclosed locations around the globe. Paramount Pictures has already announced that they will release Indy 4 day-and-date around the world on May 22, 2008; Steven Spielberg will direct, off a script written by David Koepp.

Blanchett will officially become the fourth woman in Indy's life, following Karen Allen (the only non-blonde and my favorite so far), Kate Capshaw and Alison Doody. Recently, Variety told us Shia LaBeouf was also in final negotiations to play Indy's son, though LaBeouf later denied those rumors, saying no papers had be signed. But, if it is true, does that mean Indy now has a family? Is he married to Blanchett? Regardless, she's a perfect fit for the franchise -- even though we've never really seen her tackle action-comedy with the exception of The Life Aquatic (if you consider that film an action-comedy). The actress will first finish filming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt before heading off on what will be Indiana Jones' final adventure (we think). With a love interest cast, all we need now is a villain. Any guesses?

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