If you're itching for a taste of Pixar's Ratatouille (due out this summer), and can't wait until another U.S. trailer debuts in front of Meet the Robinsons on March 30, those crazy Chinese have released their version of the trailer for you to drool over. It's certainly pieced together a bit differently than the American teaser already making the rounds which, coupled with its length, leads us to assume the Japanese cut will differ greatly from the one we'll get later this month. That said, it looks ... okay. Do I have faith in Brad Bird that he'll deliver another outstanding Pixar flick? Yes. Have I been blown away by what I've seen so far? Not really.

In the pic, comedian Patton Oswalt voices Remy -- a rat who has big dreams of becoming a master chef in France. Only problem is, he's a rat ... and people (especially those working in a French kitchen) don't take too kindly to rats scurrying around. However, when a clumsy kitchen cook (who can't, well, cook) discovers that this rat has the talents he doesn't posses, the two team up with hopes of becoming the greatest chef in Paris. As per usual for Pixar, the animation looks top-notch and, while I've been a bit tough on Ratatouille in the past, there's no way I'm missing this film. Written and directed by Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava (and co-starring Janeane Garofalo, Brad Garrett and Brian Dennehy), Ratatouille hits theaters on June 29.

[via JoBlo]