Following the screening of I Think I Love My Wife, I received a call from my brother who asked what I thought about the flick. My response: "I think I liked the movie." When Chris Rock first announced he'd be returning to the director's chair for a remake of the 1972 French film Chloe in the Afternoon, it kind of felt like your friend -- the one who parties hard, sleeps around and lives life on the edge -- all of a sudden decided to settle down, have a family and get married ... in the span of one day. It was an odd choice of material for the edgy comedian and former SNL star; the guy we're supposed to blame for 2003's Head of State. But, what at first appeared to be a train wreck waiting to happen, actually turned out to be more like a mild collision -- an accident that could've been averted had Rock spent more time fine-tuning his script and less time pretending to capture the essence of French filmmaking.

Richard Cooper (Rock) seemingly has it all; he's married to a beautiful woman (Gina Torres), has two adorable little children, a nice house in the suburbs of Westchester and a cozy high-paying job as an investment banker. Except, there's one problem -- he's "f**king bored!" For reasons that aren't really explained, Richard and his wife are not having sex. The excitement, the passion and the love has disappeared from the marriage, forcing them both to seek help from a marriage councilor and leaving poor Richard with nothing but his over-active imagination and a voice-over to tell us just how attracted he is to every girl that walks by. Conflict arises when Nikki (Kerry Washington), an old crush, shows up at Richard's office -- dressed to resemble your most memorable wet dream -- looking for a job and a whole lot more.