Just a year ago, Rosario Dawson was rather loose-lipped about what was happening with the Sin City 2 sequel. The actress suggested that the film was postponed due to Angelina Jolie's pregnancy because Robert Rodriguez wanted the adoption addict to play A Dame to Kill For. Now the actress isn't sharing as much, although things look to finally be back on track for the film, according to an IESB report from Dawson at ShoWest. The actress says that part 2 will begin shooting in June or July (finally!), and that it will, indeed, be a Dame-themed sequel.

When talking about the lead, she said she had an idea who was wanted for it, and under prodding, she stated with a smile: "Angelina Jolie? I can't talk about it." Uh-oh. Did Robert give her a talking-to? I would be surprised if Jolie finally takes the part. She's just adopted a new kid, and seems to be busy with everything but Frank Miller's gothic world. So, maybe he's turned his sights to Rachel Weisz, as other rumors have suggested, or even Rose McGowan. If I had to guess, I'd say he'd go with the latter. He and Tarantino had nothing but great things to say about her and her stint in Grindhouse. I see them going for someone into the material and less tabloid sensational. Either way, if Dawson is right, we should have more serious and solid word on casting soon.

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