It took me a good 15 - 20 minutes before I could get into what Jeremy Saulnier was slinging with his scrappy little Murder Party flick. But once the tone of the movie and my expectations kinda "clicked," I was more than happy to tag along and see where this funny, freaky flick was headed. It's broad, it's odd, and it's definitely low-budget, but it's also surprisingly well-acted, fast-paced, frequently amusing and packed with some really crazy kills near the end.

The movie opens on Halloween with a New York nobody called Chris. He finds a windblown invitation on the ground, and since Chris is obviously a big Halloween enthusiast, he heads home make some pumpkin bread, cobble together a cardboard costume, and eventually make his way to the mysterious party. Imagine Chris' surprise when, only a few minutes after his arrival at the shindig, one person is already dead and our semi-hero finds himself strapped to a chair. And everyone's pointing weapons at him. (Plus two of 'em are dressed in full-bore movie geek costumes, which I found very amusing. See if you can spot 'em in the picture!)