There's a certain magic to the movies, though sometimes that magic is more literal than others. Let's talk precognition, lycanthropy, vampires, near death experiences, and the wrath of God. It's supernatural shenanigans week on Trailer Park.

The Invisible
A teenage boy is beaten nearly to death and he finds himself somewhere between life and death. No one can see him and he can't effect objects around him. Will his body be found in time? Based on a Swedish film from 2002 called Den Osynlige, this looks to be an entertaining thriller. The bit where our hero is told the nature of his predicament by an old man who is in a similar situation seems like overly convenient exposition, to say nothing of being reminiscent of Ghost, but the rest of the preview held my attention. I especially liked the idea that this teen horror film doesn't seem to adhere to teen horror conventions, at least from what I can see here. Scott Weinberg had this to say about the trailer.

The Reaping
When an Oscar-winner is the star, studios tend to use the term "supernatural thriller" rather than "horror movie." In either case, Hilary Swank, stars as a professional debunker of religious phenomena who comes across a small town suffering the biblical plagues that were brought down upon Egypt, including rivers turning to blood, locusts, frogs, etc. Definite creepiness at work here, and the preview sells it nicely. This trailer's been out for awhile, but with the film's release coming up on April 5 I thought it worth a look. Here's Martha Fischer's take on it.

Nicolas Cage plays a man who can see the future and the government needs his help to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. The idea seems solid, and the scenes from the film are exciting, but there's something about the trailer's overwrought presentation that turns me off. It's doing a hard sell, and I'm finding that annoying. Still, the movie looks like it could be an entertaining bit of fluff with lots of big explosions. Scott Weinberg talked about the trailer here.