Martin Lawrence is teaming with ex-Cosby gal Raven-Symone for Walt Disney Pictures' College Road Trip. Have a feeling the critics won't be Raven about this one! The story centers on "a young woman with ambitious public-defender dreams who goes on a road trip to visit potential universities with her father, an overprotective cop." Sigh. The movie is set to start shooting in late June or early July in the northeast. Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio wrote the most recent draft (I mentioned them last week as writers on the new CGI Horton Hears A Who movie), Roger Kumble is directing. Kumble has a pretty spotty record, he did the trash classic Cruel Intentions, the horrible "girls can be dirty too" comedy The Sweetest Thing, and the moderately amusing Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Lawrence is hot right now, currently in theaters with Wild Hogs, and as we told you last week, he is also in production on The Better Man.

Though it hasn't started filming and I know nothing more about the project than you do, let me tell you what the trailer will consist of: Funky bass line begins. We see Martin Lawrence in a police uniform busting a perp. Narration: Jack Doogan is the toughest cop in Manhattan. He's dealt with some of the most devious criminal minds around. But none of them compare... Sound of needle scraping across a record. ...With his daughter! We see Raven leaving the house in a revealing outfit. Martin spits out his coffee, and asks her where she's going. She says "Work." He says "Where you workin,' Scores?" Road trip begins. Lots of scenes of Martin and Raven arguing in the car. Maybe they hit an animal in a comical fashion. At the colleges, lots of guys whistle and make catcalls at Raven. This makes Martin angry. His anger makes Raven embarassed. Music changes and we realize these two really love each other. Close on big joke involving Martin getting hit in the testicles. Box office gross: $100 million.

On a side note, according to imdb Raven-Symone is now going simply by "Raven." So if she shows up gently rapping at your chamber door, you'll know why.
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