Sony Classics has picked up U.S. rights to the feature film Interview -- starring, produced, written by and directed by the talented (and very busy) hyphenate Steve Buscemi. The film, based on the original of the same name by the late Theo Van Gogh who was murdered by Muslim extremists, teams Buscemi with co-star -- and opinionated actress -- Sienna Miller and tells the story of a washed-up political journalist (played by Buscemi) who has a falling out with his editor over a story and is about to be fired.

He's given one more chance to redeem himself, however, when he's told to interview one of America's most popular soap actresses -- the ditzy but surprisingly deep and interesting Katya (played by Miller). Of course, at first the two don't want to do the interview and want nothing to do with each other. But as the film progresses and liquor, violence and other substances get into the mix, the two begin to open up and eventually become friends -- and potentially more.

Interview also features up-and comers Jackson Loo and the super cute Tara Elders. This English-language remake was originally set to be directed by Van Gogh. But after his tragic death, Buscemi stepped up to save the project by agreeing to direct and star in the film. One more reason to like Steve Buscemi. The film is scheduled to be released in the U.S. in April.
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