It's no secret that I love John Waters. Even if I find a movie or two of his to be less than my cup of tea, I can't help but adore the man. In my continuing efforts to bring you all kinds of Waterific news, I've got to share what I never thought I would be sharing. Beyond Christmas CDs, Valentine's CDs over-the-top movies and theater woes, we might be near the end of the world. Either Waters is going crazy, or maybe the world has finally caught up to his craziness. Could that actually be? The King of Sleaze himself is going to make a children's film.

That's right! Reuters has reported that the cult icon is going to make a children's movie called Fruitcake. Before you think it's centered on a young boy becoming flamboyant, proud and gay, it's in Water's words a: "terribly wonderful children's Christmas adventure." Okay, so it still could be an adolescent gay romp, which would be all sorts of delightful. According to Waters: "Children have always enjoyed my movies. They are just not allowed to watch many of them." Could Waters be planning a tiny tykes army? I can see it now! Guerilla kids armed with View-Masters running around crazily, cross-dressing pre-schoolers and the whole shebang! Or maybe Waters just plans to teach kids a different way to see the future -- a feature-length public service announcement against relationships. As he also told Reuters: "Stay single and stay alive. That's my theory."
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