In the span of two minutes and 24 seconds, this Stardust has gone from a movie I couldn't care less about to something I'm pretty stoked to see. Head over to kino-express to check out the new trailer, which looks pretty darn cool to me. (It's a foreign site, but don't be afraid. Just click the play button). This is an unusual preview -- for the first minute it's just Sienna Miller cutting a deal with a suitor. He's got one week to cross "The Wall" into a magical land and bring her back a falling star, or she's going to marry someone else. It's a minute and a half in before we get any action, but once things gets moving, it's got a very Princess Bride feel to me. And if it's 1/10th as good as that movie, we'll really have something. The film stars Robert DeNiro (who's swordfighting in the trailer) as pirate Captain Shakespeare, Michelle Pfeiffer (who appears to get naked in the trailer) as witch Lamia, and Claire Danes (who...runs around looking scared in the trailer) as Yvaine.

Stardust is being described as an "adult fairy tale," a genre that is tonally very difficult to nail. It was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who did the super cool Daniel Craig flick Layer Cake, also with Miller. Vaughn wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman, based on Neil Gaiman'sbeloved book. The movie has a terrific British supporting cast, with Peter O'Toole as a King, Rupert Everett, Waking Ned Devine'sDavid Kelly, and one of the funniest men alive, Ricky Gervais (If you've never seen his BBC series Office, do yourself a favor and throw it in the Netflix queue). Ian McKellen is the narrator. It's currently scheduled to be released here on August 10th. What do you think -- are you excited?

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