First Shia Lebeouf was reportedly in final talks to play HarrisonFord's son in what imdb is currently callingFourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventure (wouldn't it be great if that was the actual title?) Then he denied that. Last week, Cate Blanchett was reportedly signed to the film. Now that is also being denied. According to, Blanchett is merely "in talks" for a role in FIOTIJA. DreamWorks' offices have confirmed this news. So what's going on in Indy-land? I think the producers are just wanting to keep details about this film quiet for as long as possible, but with the public's appetite for the thing as strong as it is, that's proving extremely difficult.

There was much speculation last week as to what role Blanchett would play in the film, with the most popular guesses being either Indy's daughter or his love interest. (Hopefully not both!) The general consensus seems to be that Ford is simply too old to be necking with the 38 year-old Blanchett. I say Ford himself is dating the considerably younger Calista Flockhart, he could probably still steal your girlfriend, and you'd have to be nuts to think Hollywood would pair him up with someone, you know, his own age. Harrison Ford making out with Rue McLanahan on the big screen just ain't gonna happen in our society any time soon.

Shooting starts in Los Angeles in just a couple months, so confirmed casting details and answers to some of the more nagging questions (Where is the story set? Who is/are the villian/s? Is Short Round involved?) should be spilling out shortly. To join the speculation, if Indy's son factors into the story, they pretty much have to bring back Sean Connery, right? "Three Generations of Adventure!"

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