If you remember our reporting last year on the endless stream of names thrown around for Bond girls in Casino Royale (Rose Byrne! Thandie Newton! Kathy Bates!), you know all news on this series isn't set in stone until the film rolls. Just last week, we had our first Bond girl rumor for Bond 22, which isn't set for release until November 7, 2008! But we do now have confirmation on one aspect of the next Bondthat should please fans of Daniel Craig's last outing as the superspy (i.e. pretty much everyone). Previous reports were correct: Bond 22 will be a direct continuation of the events started in Casino Royale. Since most Bond films have been stand-alone adventures, this should be another good way to shake (not stir) the formula.

Production designer Peter Lamont, who has worked on nearly every Bond film in some capacity, briefly discussedBond 22 at a tribute to Pinewood Studios in France last week and confirmed the sequel approach. Lamont also said pre-production on the next official James Bond film is "definitely in the beginning stages." Producer Barbara Broccoli was asked at a junket last year whether the sequel approach would happen, and responded: "At the end of this film (Royale), there is unfinished business. There is an evil force, but there's also internal unfinished business that he has to resolve. We're planning to go forward and resolve some of this. Quite how we do it I don't know at the moment. That's what we're working on. That's the big challenge."

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Broccoli have reportedly met several times with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, writers of The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, and Royale, most likely to brainstorm ideas for the Bond 22 script. Anyone with any interest in these and other James Bond developments should check out Cinematical's latest feature, theBondcast. There's a new one every other Friday.

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