If you're one of the teeming masses eagerly awaiting the moment when you get to see Will Ferrell and John Heder on ice in the upcoming comedy Blades of Glory, your patience will be rewarded sooner than expected. No, you won't get the full movie experience until the film's actual release date. But you will, according to The Hollywood Reporter, get to view exclusive video clips and pics from the film on your mobile phone and PC right now.

According to the article, Dreamworks and Paramount have teemed up with Tiny Pictures and their Radar video and picture sharing service to offer fans exclusive real-time content from the film such as outtakes, clips, in-character interviews, production stills and more. Viewers of the content will also be able to comment on it and then share the pics and videos with their network of friends. New content will be released daily until the film opens.

"The reason we're excited to do this promotion for Blades of Glory is that we have so much great viral video for this film," said Amy Powell, senior VP at Paramount. "For us, the ability to extend our viral videos beyond just the Internet to cell phones and other downloadable devices is really important." Yeah, maybe. But do you really want to take the time to watch content from a film like Blades of Glory, comment on it and then share it with your friends? To me, the film isn't "event" enough to need that kind of "viral" marketing push. Maybe if they had some cool Spider-Man or Iron Man clips I could get excited about the idea. Until then, thanks but no thanks.