Let me clear my throat for a second, here. For the near future,Hot Fuzz is my favorite movie of all time. Unfortunately luckless Yankees have to wait until April to see it. Watching it, I was humbled by this thought: I think of myself as a person who loves movies more than the average guy. Any excessive critical wrath I might have is due to losing a precious hour and a half of my life, which could have been spent watching something worthwhile ... instead of, say, Premonition. In Hot Fuzz,Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (of Shaun of the Dead) soaked in some of the really most bottom-drawer kinds of film, nearly the complete catalogue of Bruckheimer and Simpson, as well as Point Break.

It struck me that people who truly loved movies could have got something worthwhile out of watching even those wretched 1980s policiers, always starring some stone-faced joker with aviator shades and a toothpick sticking out of his yap ... and that they'd get something out of it besides boredom and a desire for revenge. As much as I love movies, I'll never have the undifferentiated love of every movie that Pegg and Wright have. Or that Quentin Tarantino has, for example. As Cinematical's Jette Kernion mentions, QT temporarily turned the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles into a grindhouse. I dang near wept looking at that schedule. Tarantino will end up as president of the AFI, mark my words, and here's more proof: a few years back he was involved in a Rolling Thunder re-release of a lost film of no little interest, Detroit 9000.
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