We were bound to come across something like this eventually: a movie best described as "The Big Chill for Generation X." Yep, if you grew up during the early to mid-'80s, you'll probably find a whole lot to like in Sarah Kelly'sThe Lather Effect -- and I'm not just talking about the funky soundtrack so overstuffed with '80s classics that it'd make John Hughes green with envy. Equal parts witty, warm and almost painfully nostalgic, The Lather Effect might not be as professionally-crafted as is The Big Chill, but the sentiments are the same -- and the cast, while not as flashy, is just as strong.

The plot's as simple as the one found in Kasdan's film (or perhaps even The Breakfast Club): A gang of old high school pals, the members of which are all firmly stuck in their mid-30s, get together for one (probably final) night of drunken debauchery, salacious sexiness, and good old fashioned mayhem. The music, the fashions and the memories are yanked from two decades worth of mothballs, and of course a lot of old "personal" issues are coming home to roost. But Kelly's not all that interested in the actual party. The Lather Effect actually opens on the morning after a certifiably insane shin-dig, which starts the flick off on the right foot: We're not here to revel with the friends as they have a ball; we're there to watch them clean up the mess, get things organized, and reminisce over all the good times.