I just know that you were itching for a Real World movie, or maybe a Bad Girls Club feature film, or even Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on a huge screen in a cinematic version of The Simple Life. Can't you see it? Real people tackling taboos while wearing barely-there clothing. "Hot gals" and "randy guys" having "heated clashes." Jackass did it, so why not the old, long-living reality show from MTV, The Real World, or any of the other creations of Bunim-Murray Productions?

The reality-centric television business has started a documentary division to be run by Sasha Alpert, B-M casting director. Head honcho Jon Murray says: "The Real World is just a different, more commercial way of doing a documentary," so they decided they had a passion for doc filmmaking and should look beyond television. Well, sure. It's more commercial in that they took a show about putting intelligent people together to clash and learn from each other and over each season made the show more about hot bods, sex and partying than discussion and any sort of reality. However, their first feature is a film by Tricia Regan called Autism: The Musical. It's an interesting choice, and not what I'd expect. I can only hope that the future will be as promising, and that their feature documentaries don't become PG or R-rated Girls Gone Wild adventures.
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