While her day-to-day job on Grey's Anatomy seems to less-than-cheery, what with arguments, insults, unrest and pay struggles, Katherine Heigl can at least let out a smile about her side job. She made a stellar professional decision to co-star in Knocked Up, which Scott Weinberg raved about from SXSW. If you can be funny, and you're looking to step into film, there's really no better way right now than to hop on the Judd Apatow train. Now the tow-headed actress is signing on for a more typical romantic comedy -- 27 Dresses. At this rate, I give Heigl a year before she turns into the next Sandra Bullock.

The flick isn't some sort of fashion comedy, but rather the cinematic version of "always the bridesmaid, never the bride." Heigl will star as a young, single woman who has taken on the wedding side-job 27 times, and must be super best friends with an entire sorority, or be part of the Cheaper by the Dozen house. When she's offered her 28th trip down the aisle, it's for her sister, who is marrying the man she is in love with. Well, no wonder she's single if she's sitting around pining after her sister's man. Hopefully it's one of those tales where she comes to her senses, rather than her trying to steal her husband's man, or her having a sister who is written as wicked and unworthy. There are only so many Cinderella nods we can take! The original script was written by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada), with a re-write by Dana Fox, and it will be directed by Step Up helmer Anne Fletcher. The latter is also a choreographer, so does anyone want to bet on the chances that there is some sort of dance number in the movie? Production is set to begin this May in New York City and Rhode Island.
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