Apologies to anyone whose weekend wasn't complete without a shot at conquering Insert Caption and the weekly prizes we dole out. I'd come up with a fantastical lie for why this post is late, but honesty's a decent policy: Truth is, I was summoned to a magical world where I discovered my true fate, to lollygag with dragons and battle a fearsome beast they call Malkovich. It went OK. I'm a little sore. But, hey, just another day at the Moviefone office.

Congrats to captioners Bianca S. and Chaz K., our first repeat winners. You guys are officially heavyweights: If this were March Madness, you'd be Florida and Ohio State, minus the voting irregularities. You've got Dead Silence prize packages on the way. This week equates to something of a championship, as we've got one major prize to award, and it's a gem: Writer of our favorite caption for the pic below from the fantasy epic Eragon will win a snowboard autographed by the film's star, Ed Speelers (see pic to the right), as well as the DVD. It may not be a dragon, but it's easier to store (and also less gaseous). Two runners up will also win DVDs. Good luck!

Dead Silence1. Jesus would it kill you to KNOCK next time? -- Bianca S.

2. Come On! I'm bleeding, exhausted and my shirt's ruined. Seriously, are you sure this is how Sir Anthony Hopkins got started? -- Chaz K.

3. What Do You Mean He's Not The Father ?!?! -- Lee D.

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