This entertaining little horror flick from Shock-O-Rama Cinema will be hitting stores on April 10. Skin Crawl uses a lot of people before and behind the camera who are veterans of the Seduction Cinema line of softcore films. Not unusual, since Shock-O-Rama and Seduction Cinema are both subsidiaries of Pop Cinema. What some may find a bit surprising is that folks whose main job is to turn out skin flicks can do such a competent job making a horror movie.

Three pregnant young witches in colonial times gather to offer a prayer to the earth goddess. The pock-faced Constable Nalder (named apparently for the similarly scarred actor Reggie Nalder who played another witch hunter in 1970's Mark of the Devil) and his men burst in and take away Helena (Heidi Sjursen), the youngest of the three. After Helena is raped and murdered by the Constable and his men, the remaining two witches cast a spell that will bring horrible vengeance down upon anyone who harms any member of their family.
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