Remember back to the time of records? Now, did you have any with a nice, big and juicy green apple on the center label? Before the days of Apples, iMacs, and iPods, there was Apple Records. It actually took me a few minutes after reading about this news to realize that this wasn't about Steve Jobs' company, but rather the record label founded by The Beatles. (Interesting side note: Just as I typed the band's name, I got a piece of SPAM in my inbox labeled "The Beatles." What is coincidence trying to tell me?)
Apparently, a band called Focal Point was the first band signed to the fruity label. Now, years later, the frontman for the band, Paul Tennant, has written a book with an exorbitantly long name -- All You Need Is Luck... or How I Got a Record Deal by Meeting Paul McCartney. Although it hasn't been published yet, it has been picked up by Peter Foldy's Filmstreet Productions for a feature. The story tells the tale of the band and how they chased McCartney into London's Hyde Park and talked themselves into a demo and then a deal once John Lennon and Brian Epstein heard them. Foldy has written the script, and it will shoot this September in Liverpool and London.
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