News bites for the new week:
  • Big-screen newcomer Jessica Lowndes, who has had guest spots on shows like Masters of Horror and Kyle XY, has landed the starring role in a new, upcoming horror flick called Autopsy. The movie will have her searching for her injured boyfriend in a "bizarre and dangerous hospital." I'm sure that the outlook can't be good considering that the movie is titled after the practice of opening up and examining dead people. The film already has a cast that includes side players like Michael Bowen and Jenette Goldstein, as well as a whole mess of up-and-comings.
  • Nicole Ari Parker has done a bit of a metamorphosis with her career. After starting things out with indie features like The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and 200 Cigarettes, she's switched to a different flavah, namely flicks like Brown Sugar and King's Ransom. Continuing the trend, she's signed on to Martin Lawrence's The Better Man, a film Erik Davis posted about a few days ago. There's no word yet on who she will play.
  • In January, I shared word that David Arquette's horror film, The Tripper, was going to slide into wide release this summer. Now it seems that the film has been dropped by After Dark and Arquette has told fans at the Wizard World convention in L.A. that he will release the film himself. Well, that doesn't bode well for the flick. How good can it be if an indie horror company doesn't want to release it? I wonder if he'll use a cow covered in blood-colored corn syrup to market the thing...
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