If there's no way you can wait until later on this evening to view the debut of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End trailer during Dancing with the Stars, then feel free to swing on over to YouTube where the same trailer (I assume) is currently up ... but dubbed in Russian. Talk about a rush -- I didn't need to understand what the characters were saying in order to get the fact that this film looks pretty damn awesome. Not convinced? Check out the scene in which Captain Jack and Davy Jones square off in a mind-blowing sword fight on top of the ship. As Borat would say, "It looks niiiice."

Set to hit theaters on May 25, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End is the third installment in Disney's extremely lucrative franchise. Unlike Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man, I get the feeling Johnny Depp would keep making Pirates-related films until he could no longer stand or speak. The English-language trailer will premiere during the aforementioned Dancing with the Stars episode tonight, then hit the internets at 10pm EST. If the trailers remain the same, this one seems a bit darker than previous Pirate trailers -- lots of fighting, a host of new characters and some unbelievable special effects (the scene in which the Pirates are swinging between ships looks pretty rad). Check it out now, and definitely let us know what you think. [via Movie Blog]

Update: In anticipation of the English-language trailer premiere tonight, Yahoo! is now hosting an exclusive clip from Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.