• Lucie Aubrac(1912-2007) - Author whose autobiographical novel about the French Resistance Ils Partiront Dans L'Ivresse was made into Lucie Aubrac. She died March 14, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. (IMDb)
  • Herbert Asmondi(1925-2007) - German screenwriter who wrote the adaptation Young Torless. He died of a stroke March 3, in Munich. (IMDb)
  • Otto Brandenburg(1934-2007) - Danish actor who appears in von Trier's The Kingdom, as well as in Dykkerne and Rubber Tarzan. He died March 1, in Copenhagen. (IMDb)
  • Colette Brosset(1922-2007) - French writer and actress who appears in Don't Look Now - We're Being Shot At and Is Paris Burning?. She died March 1, in Paris. (IMDb)
  • Therese Cadorette(1925-2007) - Canadian actress who appears in Denys Arcand's Réjeanne Padovani. She died March 13, in Montreal. (IMDb)
  • Carvalhinho(1927-2007) - Brazilian actor who appears in Irma Vap - O Retorno. He died of heart failure March 1, in Rio de Janeiro. (IMDb)
  • Yvan Delporte(1928-2007) - Belgian writer who helped the artist Peyo popularize The Smurfs when it was still just a comic strip. In addition to creating the character of Smurfette, he wrote the scripts to the features The Adventures of the Smurfs and The Smurfs and the Magic Flute. He died March 5, in Brussels. (Independent)
  • Arnold Drake(1924-2007) - Writer most known for his comic book work who also wrote Who Killed Teddy Bear and The Flesh Eaters, which he produced. He died March 12, in New York City. (Comic Book Resources)
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