Fans having a hard time waiting for the next adventure of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan are going to get something to help them make it through until the latest chapter of the film trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, gets released in theaters. According to Coming Soon, Disney Interactive will be releasing a next-gen video game based on the film on May 22 . According to the article, the game invites players to "live and die by the sword" by taking on the persona of their favorite POTC characters, like Jack Sparrow or Will Turner, and setting sail to battle notorious villains, explore towns and jungle-filled islands and fight on the high-seas for survival -- all inspired by locations and events from the upcoming film.

"Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise will experience adventures inspired by the second and third films while going far beyond the events of those films," said Craig Relyea, vice president of marketing for Disney Interactive Studios in the article. "With the action, excitement, unforgettable characters and expansive locations from the blockbuster films, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will be the definitive 'Pirates' video game experience for fans," Ralyea continued. Even though a video game is obviously not the same as a movie, this game might actually be better in some ways.

These "next-generation" console games feature advanced mano-a-mano combat capabilities which immerse you more in the world of the game and the Wii may end up being particularly cool because with its unique style of controls, you can really get into the sword fighting aspects of the game -- all things you won't get watching the movie on the big screen. The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game will be available for all next-gen platforms including XBox 360, Sony Playstation3 and the Nintento Wii as well as for those of you still playing games on a PC.