Just a couple weeks ago or so, film journalist Anne Thompson, former Deputy Film Editor over at The Hollywood Reporter, jumped ship to Variety (along with editor Cynthia Littleton). Now Thompson has settled into her new digs as a deputy editor, writing a weekly column and a daily blog -- Thompson on Hollywood. Kicking things off, Thompson ran a piece on how the success of 300 "could rewrite the rules of comic book movies". On her new blog, Thompson writes about the 19-member writer's co-op that's formed at Warner Bros., how Showest in Las Vegas was and how the highlight of the fest was Hairspray, and other such Hollywood goodies.

It's good to see Thompson up and running so quickly on Variety, which seems to be making a move towards more web-based and blogging efforts, perhaps to reach a greater audience outside the industry. Variety scored well in snagging Thompson (I bet some folks at The Hollywood Reporter were seriously irritated at losing her). She's a savvy journalist who does her homework, busts her butt covering great inside topics I'd otherwise probably never read about, and has succeeded in achieving remarkable credibility among other film journalists and Hollywood industry folks. Thompson's smart, savvy writing will be a welcome breath of fresh air over at Variety. We here at Cinematical welcome her to her new gig, and look forward to reading her future words of Hollywood wisdom.
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