Whether you're a fan of blaxploitation films or not, you've probably heard of Dolemite and his bone-crushing, skull-splitting, brain-blasting action. The cinematic legend is so well-known that he's been referenced a slew of times, by everyone from Jamie Foxx in Booty Call to Bill Murray in Broken Flowers, and he was definitely an inspiration to a certain Hebrew Hammer. The creation of Rudy Ray Moore, Dolemite was cool for being so exaggeratedly terrible -- an ex-con who has a squad of "kung-fu fighting girls." And now, he's coming back. Not in a special edition DVD, as one might hope, but to the big screen.

I guess it was inevitable that Dolemite would get a remake one of these days. Nothing is sacred, especially not cult icons. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Fallout Entertainment has nabbed the rights to the comedy, with Jeff Hause and David Hines writing the script and Bill Fishman directing. Having three white guys, whose biggest accomplishment seems to be Jim Carrey's long-ago Once Bitten, head a remake on a film that was known to be one of the few blaxploitation films created and made by black people seems all sorts of tacky. Fishman is quoted as saying: "I think there is a certain sincerity in the original that is kind of undeniable." Hmm. Maybe, Mr. Fishman, that's because the original film's creators were re-appropriating the genre. They're currently looking into comedy and hip-hop names like Snoop Dogg, and production will begin this fall.
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