The brand new Fox Atomic started out last year with the Abs n' Stabs fest Turistas, their Hills Have Eyes II brings mutant rape back to the silver screen on Friday, and their highly anticipated 28 Weeks Later opens May 11th. Seems like horror's their game, no? But each new announcement shows signs that they're branching out. In August, they'll release The Comebacks, a football comedy directed by Tom Brady (Not that Tom Brady). Last month they announcedSpace Invader, an astronaut comedy with Will ("A trick is something a whore does for money") Arnett. And now they are in talks to pick up an untitled spec script from Duane Adler, who also wrote Save the Last Dance and Step Up.

The script for this one is said to be "a music-driven tale of a forbidden teen romance." You know, like Save The Last Dance. And Step Up. I wonder if this guy just writes his scripts like mad libs -- "Boy from wrong side of tracks meets girl at (place). They have to learn to overcome their differences and dance in order to (action)." Would it kill Mr. Adler to experiment a little bit, especially at Fox Atomic, a studio known for hardcore horror? Why not mix n' match genres?

How's this for a pitch: Nick Cannon and Hilary Duff love each other but Duff's closed-minded mother won't let her marry outside of her race. The couple decides to head to Las Vegas and elope. But their car breaks down in the desert. A hideous band of freaks kidnaps and tortures them, and in a last minute plea bargain for her life, Duff cries out "Please! I'll do anything! I'll even...teach you to dance?" The mutants are intrigued. Two hours, twenty training montages, and a lot of life lessons later, Duff and Cannon bring their Mutant Dancing Spectacular to Vegas. Tickets sell out immediately. At first, the audience is horrified by these flesh-eating flashdancers, but then they learn to overcome their prejudices. And who's that in the back, giving a standing ovation? It's Hilary's mom. She's overcome her prejudices too. Cut to marriage scene with mutant bridal party, greenlight sequel.

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