While Natalie Portman undoubtedly has her share of admiring male fans, she's steered clear of much of the 'lusting' demographic in her career. It's actually pretty easy for a respected actress to do -- just avoid almost-nude pictorials for any of the men's magazines and you'll be on your way. Nevertheless, when Portman was in Closer, anxious buzz and hopeful eyes were expectantly waiting for glimpses of Amidala's nethers, only to get nothing. The scenes were cut, the footage reportedly destroyed (will it be uncovered one day as shocking, almost-lost footage?)

Then came Milos Forman's Goya's Ghosts. Last July, Cinematical shared rumors that Portman was once again removing her clothes for the upcoming film -- namely, for a torture scene. Now IESB has links to a few rough, troubling scenes and some images. (Obviously NSFW.) However, before you rush over there in anxious, Portman-nudity hunger, there's not much and it seems to be a body double -- not to mention the fact that it is a torture scene. The site has three clips. The first is the torture, which makes me feel pretty wimpy after a night of Wii playing, and then a prayer scene and a brief follow-up. If you're wondering what the hell it's about -- Ghosts revolves around the famous painter, Francisco Goya, whose muse (Portman) is deemed a heretic during the Inquisition. The film will be released in the U.S. this July.

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