Here's my question for Eli Roth: "Dude, why did you have to put three brunette's in this film who all look the same?" I have no idea who is who -- then again, when one is kissing the other in a creepy mist-filled pool ... does it really matter? A brand new clip for Roth's Hostel: Part II in up over at IGN; one that certainly had me wondering why in the world these damn characters always decide to run into the woods to hide. The woods are evil girl -- stay away! And I just love these slightly overweight guys (dressed as if they're about to knock over a convenient store) who chase these gals down. "Help! My mailman is trying to kidnap, torture and kill me!"

The clip itself isn't bad; first we have the aforementioned girls "bonding" in a pool, and then we cut to Beth (Lauren German) running for her life (dressed in only a white robe) once she realizes these men in black are after her. As she hops a wall and runs through the woods, she briefly crosses a road and stops a truck begging for help. Of course, the kid in the truck won't help (why would he -- there's only a scantily clad beauty begging to be rescued), forcing poor Beth to choose between running up the road or, yes, hiding in the woods. Guess which route she took? And guess what happens to her? I still haven't decided whether I'm actually going to see Hostel: Part II; part of me (the extremely wimpy part) is a little scared I'll wind up being the guy who throws up in his seat. And no one wants to sit next to that guy. Regardless, I still have some time to make up my mind -- Hostel: Part II hits theaters on June 8.

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